Indy 9
See Also, Unit: IdMessage
Event type signalled when the content transfer, header and language encodings have been detected for a mail message.
TIdInitializeIsoEvent = procedure (var VTransferHeader: TTransfer; var VHeaderEncoding: Char; var VCharSet: string) of object;
ISO character set to use for the mail message headers.
Header encoding scheme for the mail message headers.
Transfer encoding to use for the mail message headers.
TIdInitializeIsoEvent is an event type used to respond to detection of the content transfer encoding, content header encoding, and character set to use for headers generated in the mail message.

Parameters for the event type are variables that can be modified in the event handler, and inmitially contain the values returned from the InitializeISO procedure in IdCoderHeader.pas.

Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification.

TIdInitializeIsoEvent is the event type used to represent the TIdMessage.OnInitializeISO property.

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