Indy 9
See Also, Unit: IdMessage
Represents valid message flag values.
TIdMessageFlags = (mfAnswered, mfFlagged, mfDeleted, mfDraft, mfSeen, mfRecent);
TIdMessageFlags is an enumerated type that represents the valid values that can be assigned to the TIdMessageFlagsSet in the TIdMessage.Flags property. TIdMessageFlags can gave the following values:

  • mfAnswered - A reply has been sent for the Message.

  • mfFlagged - The watch falg has been set for a Message or Message Thread.

  • mfDeleted - Message has been deleted in the Mailbox.

  • mfDraft - The Message is a draft and has not been sent.

  • mfSeen - The message has not been retrieved and read by the mail client.

  • mfRecent - The message has been added to the mailbox since the last time it was accessed.

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