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Hierarchy, Properties, Methods, Events, See Also, Unit: IdMessage
Encapsulates a MIME-encoded text message part.
TIdText = class(TIdMessagePart)
TIdText is a TIdMessagePart descendant that encapsulates a MIME textual message part. TIdAttachment and TIdText are used as collection items in a TIdMessageParts collection.

TIdText provides the Body property to represent the textual content of the message part.

TIdText, See Also
Textual content of the message part.
property Body: TStrings;
Body is a TStrings property that represents the textual content of the MIME message part. Body will be populated with the values from a valid TStrings instance supplied in the Create constructor. Body may also be updated using inherited properties and methods from TStrings, like Text and Add.

Copy the property values of an object instance.
procedure Assign(Source: TPersistent); override;
Source: TPersistent
Persistent object containing values to be copied.
Assign is a procedure used to copy the property values from the persistent object specified in Source to the current object instance. When Source has the same ClassType as the current object, Assign will copy the following property values:

  • ContentTransfer

  • ContentType

  • ExtraHeaders

  • Body

Constructor for the collection item.
constructor Create(Collection: TIdMessageParts; ABody: TStrings = nil); reintroduce;
Collection: TIdMessageParts
Owner of the collection item.
ABody: TStrings = nil
Content of the message part.
Create is the constructor for the collection item, and adds the new collection item to the collection specified in Collection. Create calls the inherited Create method to identify the collection that own the collection item. Create also initializes the Body property from the value specified in ABody.

TIdText, See Also
Frees the object instance.
destructor Destroy; override;
Destroy is the destructor for the object instance. Destroy is responsible for freeing and releasing the Body property prior to calling the inherited Destroy method.

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